Oh, How I Want to Grow: My Summer Challenge #B90Days

My faithful readers, you know how over and over I have spoken of doing what it takes to be inspired and grow this year.  I believe that so far, with my monthly reading and the birth of my second son, I have grown so much.

But summer is a time that I always slack.  And I don’t want that this year.

Yes, going outside and playing is fun, but I want more.

I want more Jesus.  I want more of the Word.  I want more growth.  I want more fellowship with other women of God.

And I believe I have found the place.

This summer, you will find me reading through my entire Bible in approximately 90 days.  I will be reading other inspiration from women (and some men) from their reflections of what they are reading.  But more importantly, I will be growing.

Would you like to join me?  Click on the buttom above and you will find the plan.  You won’t be sorry if you do.

It starts today, so hurry while you can.  I am already so excited about the new insight I received from reading just a bit from the first days reading.

Did you know that God created a great light to light the day and a lesser light to light the night?  And that the lesser light is just a reflection of the greater light?  How similar is that in a husband and wife relationship?  Or even how similar is it to our relationship with Christ?

This summer is going to be so good.  Will you join me?


  1. Visiting from the B90 Days linkup – enjoyed reading your post. Yes, I agree: “I want more Jesus. I want more of the Word.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts – have a great summer reading and growing!
    Cherry recently posted..Glimpses of God

  2. Teri Johnson says:

    I want MORE…I hear you! I too am on this 90 day journey. Looking forward to getting to know you and others better. =)

    Keeping it Personal,

    Teri Johnson
    Teri Johnson recently posted..Freedom

  3. Hi there..thanks for visiting my place and blessing me with your kind words. Looking forward to learning and growing together. Its great to have so many wonderful ladies supporting each other in this venture.
    Lisa Maria recently posted..One Amazing Summer -Bible in 90 Days

  4. THIS: I want more Jesus. I want more of the Word. I want more growth. I want more fellowship with other women of God.

    YES! And Amen.
    Teri Lynne Underwood recently posted..One Amazing Summer: #B90Days Start Is Here!

  5. Katlyn L. says:

    I want more Jesus too! Count me in!

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