My Top Ten Favorite Link-ups, Blog Hops and Memes

If there is one thing I have learned during my months of blogging, it is the importance of support!  And that is my joy today to share with you some of my favorite link-ups, blog hops and memes.  After all, it is these very connection points that have allowed me to make the great friends that I have made!  And it has helped me to meet you lovely people.

Without further adieu:

1.  Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

After all, this is the very link-up/meme that I wrote this post for.  A wealth of information can be found at Oh Amanda’s site on any given Tuesday.  You need to know something, check here for some help.

2.  Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop

Shameless plug for my friends, Three Ps in a Pod, Carrie with Children and my blog hop on Sunday.  You can come and link up with this No Rules Hop and meet some great followers through it.

3.  Relax and Surf Sunday Blog Hop

Relax & Surf Sunday

Ran by The Life of Rylie, Shibley Smiles and a featured blogger, this is a fun no rules hop to join up with as well.  I have meet a lot of great friends from here!

4.  Wordless Wednesday

So, just about everyone has a Wordless Wednesday link up you can join.  But my favorites are held at Carrie with Children, Crazy about My BayBah, Dear Crissy and The Life of Rylie

5.  Tell Us Something Good

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!

This is a new meme that just started last week as a place where you can come and share good news!  A great place to go and get a good pick me up.  Show some support to The Life of Rylie and Angelica’s Awesome Adventures and link up this week.

6.  Just ‘Cuz Blog Hop

Another shameless plug for the blog hop I run weekly with my cousin, My Organic Homemaking.  It goes live on Wednesday at 8pm CST and runs all day Thursday.  Be sure to link up with us this Wednesday.

7.  Giveaway Linkys

Two of my favorite link ups for giveaways are at Family and Life in Las Vegas and Dear Crissy.  They have been very helpful in getting the word out on my giveaways.  Emily at Family and Life in LV’s link up goes life on Saturday night and Crissy’s goes live on Sunday.

8.  Follow Me Chickadee

I link up with Sippy Cup Mom and her fellow co-hosts for a great no rules hop that takes place on Tuesday!  I love their cute little button that they have for you to share as well.

9.  Nice to Tweet You Thursday

A great twitter hop ran by Give It To Me Tara and Just Married with Coupons, I have truly increased my twitter following through this hop.  Link up with us.

10.  Tell me.  What are some of your favorites?


  1. I”m a fan of Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family.
    I also kinda like the Recipe Roundtable I cohost on Sunday’s each week ;)

    Thanks for a great post…I found a few new hops to check out!

  2. Thanks. This is a great list! I love to find new ways to meet new friends!

  3. Great list need to check these out!
    I am also a fan of Works for me Wednesday from We are That Family and Things I Love Thursday from

  4. Ah! Thanks mama! Great list! Thanks for including me!! :) When does the Tell Me something good one go up each week??

  5. Ah! Thanks girl for including me!!

  6. I had not heard of some of these, so thanks for posting them!

  7. I haven’t heard of some of these, so thanks for posting them!

  8. I love a good linky party! Thanks for sharing these—I didn’t know some of them!

    And of course, thank you for linking up with Top Ten {Tuesday}!! :)

  9. I like Finer Things Friday linkup at and Why I … Link up at
    I love memes because it gives me a topic to write about. I’ve never joined a blog hop though.

  10. Great list – thanks for sharing these. I’d never heard of most of them.

  11. Great way to give a shout out to all the folks whose blog hops you love!

    Of course, my favorite is my own, Saints and Scripture Sundays.

  12. DIStherapy says:

    Wow- WONDERFUL tips here! As a new blogger, I truly appreciate some networking direction. I’ll be back tomorrow!! :D

  13. Wow, thanks for these! I love to link up with others! I’m with Miranda-it gives me a topic to write about!

  14. Shelby says:

    I am a new follower to your blog from the tuesday blog hop. Would love if you could follow me back. Look forward to exploring your blog.

  15. Thanks for sharing these blog hops and link-ups! I’ve come to really enjoy blog hops. I’ve found so many great, encouraging, and useful blogs!

  16. I keep wanting to expand my blog, and you have helped me do that. THanks! check out my blog and the

  17. I have a link up at It is called Tune In Tuesdays and you are encouraged to post at your site about one of your favorite songs and then link it up at my site. More explained in this post: and the first link up was today. If you are interested – link up!!
    Colleen recently posted..Tune In Tuesdays

  18. This is wonderful! I love searching all of them!

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