I am a Love Bug!!!

loveable labels

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I am happy to announce that I Have been selected by Lovable Labels to be a Love Bug!

lovable labels

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Lovable Labels has started this great program in order to get the word out about their products.  They have a select group of people that get the opportunity to try out their labels, which are dishwasher and microwave safe, and then tell the whole world about them through blogs, social media and word of mouth.

Upon being selected, they send you a really cute packet of information to share and some labels to try out.

I am so excited for this opportunity and look forward to telling you all about their products in the near future!  Until then, why not head over to their website and check them out?  And to help you along, leave me a comment below with your email, and I will send you a special coupon code for 10% off your order (good until Jan 2012).

Disclaimer: I received a welcome kit containing coupons, brochures and labels to try.  The words above are my own opinion and truly honest.

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